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My name is Banks...fifeBANKS
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If you are reading this, then you are the Braveheart and I am ready, willing and able to collaborate with you to develop shared and sustainable prosperity in your ecosystem from Day 1.


Just like you, I don’t have any time to waste and that is why you will not see all those long-form sales pitch because I am not trying to sell anything to you. In fact, I have a gift for you and I really hope you love it. It’s called the Personal Prosperity Package which you can download for FREE here

P.O.P with fifeBANKS

P.O.P: Prosperity Optimization Program with fifeBANKS is a premium coaching experience where I get to work with you on some of your most audacious goals and life dreams. Care to dare?

You really want to POP?! Talking about exponential prosperity in your life, business and career. This is for you if you ever desire to elevate your brand and business or you are just seeking to optimize your impact, income and influence, then we can collaborate and depending on how brave you are, I am delighted to be your coach.

Limited slots year round. Find out here if you can get in right away or you can at least be on my waitlist.


If you are an entrepreneur or a prospective investor, I have two paid mastermind programs that take in cohorts regularly. The one for entrepreneurs is called e-Merge (Entrepreneurs’ Merge) and the one for prospective private investors is called i-Deals (Investors’ Deals) and you can review the benefits here


Going forward, I hope to create more programs and events that will cater to more people, but if you will like to read some of my thoughts, you can buy my Bravehearts’ Bestseller on entrepreneurship development, BraveSTART: How To Prosperously Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Affairs in Difficult Climes and Continue through Difficult Times. This is one good book for business beginners and a very good refresher resource for entrepreneurship experts.

Widely respected by clients and colleagues for exceptional competencies, character and contextual intelligence, fifeBANKS is one of Africa’s Young CEOs shaping the future of the continent while building valuable, strategic relationships across the public, private, diplomatic and development sectors, working with multifunctional teams in multicultural contexts and on multidimensional projects across the continent and beyond.

Since the early 2000s, fifeBANKS expertise and experience span the worlds of management consulting (strategy, project financing, business/brand development, technology, trade facilitation and talent development), executive coaching, entrepreneurship development and investing (Family Office, Venture Capital/Private Equity).

He is the youngest member of the National Executive Council of the Learning and Development Network International (Nigeria’s leading corporate talent development network) and currently serves as the Chairman, Young CEOs at the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). fifeBANKS also serves pro bono in several capacity as mentor/facilitator/advisor to organizations including the NYSC Foundation, ACT Foundation, Founder Institute Abuja, Covenant Capital Business School etc.

A family financial freedom advocate, fifeBANKS is married to Temi, an attorney, YouTube entrepreneur and micro/sustainable finance expert.


fifeBANKS collaborates with Brave clients, High Net Worth Individuals & Families, Organizations, Corporations, Institutions and Nation-States, to develop shared and sustainable prosperity in their ecosystems through the optimization of Transactions and Talents.

Apart from leading the team of Subject Matter Experts as Managing Partner/CEO at BraveICONS Global, a global professional service firm helping clients develop shared and sustainable prosperity, he is the Founder at BRAVE Multi-Family Office helping High Net Worth investing and enterprising African Families build transgenerational wealth. Through BRAVE Capital, he invests alongside other private investors in Africa-focused deals with primary interests in real estate, exponential technologies, healthcare, education and agribusiness.

As a public speaker, fifeBANKS inspires and empowers audiences locally and internationally speaking on concepts around personal, corporate and national Prosperity as well as facilitating learning sessions on a broad range of courses including soft skills, life skills and management skills.


As the foremost National Prosperity Policy Fellow at the National Chamber Policy Centre, Abuja FCT, Nigeria, fifeBANKS collaborates with policymakers and politicians to design, develop and deploy policies, programs and projects that foster national prosperity development. #PoliciesAndPoliticsOfProsperity

In order to scale impact across the continent, fifeBANKS founded the Africa Prosperity Partnership in 2020, an emergent global think tank facilitating the development of shared and sustainable prosperity across Africa through Dialogue, Diplomacy, Deals and Development(s).


In 2012 fifeBANKS created the award-winning Let’s Play Ten-Ten Charity Ltd/Gte., a registered, creative philanthropy platform inspiring professionals and executives in Lagos Nigeria to increase their involvement in personal philanthropy through the Ten-Ten Charity Game -an innovative micro-savings-for-charity initiative that stimulated the nascent charity-focused crowdfunding innovations across the country.

Now, through The BANKS Foundation, he is re-focusing his philanthropic efforts on legacy issues that matter to him and his family with full ESG considerations in every investment.


“Prosperity thoughtware produces prosperity lifestyle”

“Eradicating poverty is not the same thing as developing prosperity. Moving from negative to zero is totally different than moving from zero to positive”

“We are abundant and have an abundant universe. Life is not a zero-sum game for those who think”

“The mystery of capital is that thought become things. So, train your thoughts because he who thinks he does not have, even that which he has shall be taken”

“It is one thing to prepare assets for heirs, it is another thing to prepare heirs for assets”

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I believe in strategic synergy and creative collaborations. Anyone who truly knows me will tell you that my second most important personal core value is relationship. (Now you’re thinking which one is the first…right?)

Well, if you are looking for The Al Kazneh on your team, or you are looking for a daring, dexterous and dependable dealmaker in Africa, well I have friends of fortune across the continent and around the world and I am a Harvard University Certified Consultant, NCFE (UK) Certified Coach, World Bank/British Council Trained Development Knowledge Facilitator and so much more, then please reach out using the form below so we can make an accurate assessment of your need and one of my associates will reach out to you within 24/48 hours:


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